What is a TreePod?

Every child asks their parents for a treehouse at some point during their childhood. Unfortunately, a real live treehouse is not feasible for most parents to provide for their kids. The fine people at TreePod have thankfully created a product that makes the magic of a treehouse much more accessible.

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All you need is a low-hanging tree branch and strong rope to be ready for your TreePod! Kids can enjoy hours of fun, safe play in the cozy confines of the hanging pod. It’s not known as the Original Hanging Treehouse for nothing!

Simple to Set Up

Absolutely no wood or deck screws needed! The TreePod doesn’t come with a hanging rope. The TreePod is rated to 500 lbs, so you will need to acquire a hanging rope with at least 1,500 lbs of breaking strength. The 3x strength rating is a safety margin to provide peace of mind. There are two frame poles that set the structure for the pod. A steel quick link connects the TreePod to the hanging rope.

TreePod Original Hanging Backyard Treehouse

Wrap the hanging rope over and then around an overhanging branch. The rope can then be secured by tying it around the base of the tree trunk. The pod has two guyed wires sewn into the bottom than can be secured to the ground with the included ground stakes. For an even easier set-up, consider using a Easy Hang Tree Swing Strap to secure the hanging rope.

Fun Features

The TreePod has a zip-open door and two mesh windows. Kids ages 6+ will enjoy the cozy confines provided by the windows and door. There is also a roll-out ladder to aid in climbing in and out from a safe height. The aluminum frame poles create a roomy interior to the pod.

Depending on a child’s size and age, more than one may be able to enjoy the pod at the same time. Sleepovers are a must with the TreePod. There is more than enough room for a couple of pillows and sleeping bags. Adults can even use the TreePod as a reading nook or in lieu of a hammock. The 7.5-foot height makes it easy to sit upright comfortably.

Safe and Sturdy Materials

The nice thing about the pod design and UV-protected exterior is that you don’t have to worry about getting sunburn if you doze off outside! Along with the shade of the tree, your kids can have hours of safe play in the TreePod without worrying about the elements. The nylon material is water-resistant and durable. If this stuff can handle the rough and tumble life as a tent on the ground, hanging gently a few feet in the air will literally be a breeze.

The Last Word

A TreePod is a rad outdoor product. The original hanging treehouse is perfect for families with kids of varying ages. It’s safe, durable, and easy to set up. Take it camping or to the park down the street. Some folks have even set it up indoors as a reading nook or pay space in a child’s bedroom.

TreePod Original Hanging Backyard Treehouse

The possibilities are many. Give the TreePod a try with your kids and make their treehouse dreams come true!

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