Nikon Monarch 3 Binoculars Review

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Nikon 7540 MONARCH 3 8×42 Binoculars

Today we focus, pun intended, on the Nikon Monarch 3 Binoculars. Our goal is to give you an in depth look at this pair of high performance optics gear so that you can decide if it’s a good fit for your needs. Onto the review!

Nikon Monarch 3 Binoculars

Nikon is a leader in the optics industry and for an example of their prowess, look no further than their Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars. The amount of professional grade optics technology packed into such a sleek package is impressive to say the least. With so many great aspects to discuss, we will waste no time getting into the details of the Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars.

Phase Corrected Prisms

When considering binoculars, there are two types of prisms to choose from: Porro prisms and roof prisms. Porro prisms are the original binocular technology. In the mid-1800s, an Italian inventor named Ignazio Porro designed a new set of prisms for his telescope. He placed the prisms at right angles in order to both reverse the image (reflected images are upside down) and bend the path of the light passing through the lenses.

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This new technology meant that Porro could get more powerful magnification from a shorter instrument. Up to that point, if you wanted to see farther, you needed a longer and longer telescope. While Porro prisms offer better contrast and more light efficiency, the main downside is that because the prisms are offset, the binoculars need a wide body.

Eventually roof prisms were designed that made binoculars lighter and more streamlined because the objective lens could be in line with the eyepiece. The additional precision needed to accomplish this made roof prism binoculars more expensive, but also simpler and more comfortable to use. Today, roof prisms dominate the middle to high end binocular market.

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The Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars come with phase-correction high reflective silver-alloy roof prisms. A silver coated prism is about 10% more reflective than aluminium coated which increases the mirror effect of the prism to produce sharper images. The image is then brought into better focus using phase correction. This technology improves resolution because without it, the beam of light passing through the lenses will bounce out of sync after reflecting off of the prism.

The field of view for these binoculars is 299′ at 1,000 yards. Getting such a high end FOV in this sleek design is thanks in large part to roof prism technology. It makes it feasible to pack powerful optics into a handheld, easily transported package.

Multi-Coated Lenses

All air-to-glass surfaces on a set of binoculars should have a coating applied to reduce reflectivity and glare. This creates a sharper and brighter image at the eye. Lenses are coated at different levels. Generally, the more lens that are coated and the more coatings each lens has, the more costly the set of binoculars will be.

Coated optics: At least one lens, usually the eyepiece, has had a coating applied.

Fully coated: All lens have had at least one coating applied.

Multi-coated: At least one lens has multiple coatings, again this is usually the eyepiece.

Fully multi-coated: All lenses have multiple coatings

Multi-coatings create clear, high contrast images. The Nikon Monarch 3 comes with fully multi-coated lenses so you know that these binoculars will deliver the ultimate in brightness and resolution as well as accurate color reproduction. In addition to the highest level of lens coatings, the Nikon Monarch 3 is also completely waterproof and fogproof.

Waterproofing means you don’t have to worry about the weather when taking your binoculars out into the field. Fogproof lens are sealed with o-rings and filled with nitrogen. This means that changes in external temperature won’t cause the lens to fog over because there is no air inside the lens to cause condensation to form.

Objective lens covers protect the lens from impact damage as well as scratches and smudges. These lens covers hang conveniently from the ends of each barrel for easy on and off. You also won’t have to worry about misplacing the lens covers or getting them lost in a coat pocket or at the bottom of a daypack.

Eye Relief

A concept that’s easy to misunderstand, eye relief is important to your binocular buying decisions. Eye relief is the distance from the eyepiece at which the viewer can obtain full field of vision. Low-quality optics often have eye relief that is too short or too long. Poor eye relief leads to an uncomfortable user experience, especially for eyeglass wearers.

Comfortable eye relief allows the viewer to easily look through the eyepiece without straining too close or too far away from the surface of the glass. The Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars come with multi-setting click stop eyecups. These eyecups are simple to adjust and leave set in a comfortable position. The viewer can obtain a clear, comfortable view every time, even while wearing eyeglasses.

Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars have a smooth central knob that allows for quick focusing. The central focus knob makes it a breeze to obtain a clear image quickly. Precision-aligned optics aide in extended viewing sessions and reduce eye strain.

Polycarbonate Body With Rubber Armored Coating

As we discussed earlier, roof prism technology allows for binoculars to be much sleeker and more compact than those with Porro prisms. Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars are made with a polycarbonate body that make them even lighter weight than those made of metal. At just 24.7 ounces, Monarch 3 binoculars won’t wear on your stamina out in the field.

The polycarbonate body also provides top notch ergonomics that make handling the Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars a joy. The dimensions are reasonable at 6″ x 5.1″ and can easily fit in a daypack, cargo pocket, or hang comfortably against the chest from a neck strap.

The polycarbonate body makes it easier to create a less bulky style of binocular. The sleek frame can make binoculars easier to slip out of hand and drop though. Thankfully, Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars come with rubber armored coating. This coating is durable and protective without adding much additional weight.

Rubber-armored coating provides a non-slip grip whether the surface is wet or dry. In addition to waterproofing, these binoculars are about as worry-free in the elements as anything on the market today. Sleek design, light weight, and protective outer coating provides rugged strength in a package you won’t mind carrying around all day.


Nikon’s manufacturer’s warranty is unparalleled in the optics industry. As with all Nikon products, Monarch 3 binoculars come with a 25-year warranty. In addition to the limited warranty, Nikon will repair or replace your binoculars even if the issue was your fault. The cost for no-fault repair or replace is just $10 plus shipping cost.

Such an expansive warranty is a fantastic safety net when you’re spending over $200 on a pair of binoculars. It’s nice to not have to worry about a mistake or accident resulting in the total loss of your investment. You won’t have a moment of buyer’s remorse when you decide that the Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars are right for you.

Buying Options

This set of binoculars comes in two sizes, the Nikon 7540 MONARCH 3 8×42 Binocular and Nikon 7541 MONARCH 3 10×42 Binocular. The first number indicates the magnification, in this case either 8x or 10x magnification. The second number indicates how large the aperture (light-gathering) opening is on the binoculars. The aperture is measured in millimeters. A larger aperture means a wider binocular and thus added size, weight, and cost.

In order to get greater magnification, such as 10x versus 8x, the binoculars also add size, weight and cost. For most casual users, the Nikon 7540 MONARCH 3 8×42 Binocular size is more than enough for their needs. If you are into serious bird-watching or surveillance, you might want the extra magnification level of the Nikon 7541 MONARCH 3 10×42 Binocular model and can handle the added weight.

If you are hunter or hiker, you’ll be more in tune with any additional size and weight. For those interest in these outdoor activities rather than bird-watching, go for the Nikon 7540 Monarch 3 8×42 Binoculars. You don’t want to be schlepping a huge pair of binoculars through the woods or across uneven terrain while tracking that trophy buck.

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The Last Word

If you’re looking for a high quality set of binoculars at very affordable price, then look no further than the Nikon Monarch 3 binoculars. Two sizes of magnification at 8×42 and 10×42 mean you can get a pair that will suit your needs completely. We still can’t get over how many awesome features are packed into these binoculars.

Phase corrected lenses and silver alloy coated roof prisms give these binoculars great contrast and sharp focus. Fully multi-coated lenses reduce glare and unwanted reflectivity. These are professional grade optics at a consumer price level. Click-stop eyecups aide in quick and comfortable viewing. Eyeglasses wearers won’t have to worry about straining to view through the Nikon Monarch 3 or accepting a diminished field of view.

A polycarbonate body helps provide tough-as-nails structure while keeping the binoculars’ overall weight down. Rubber-armored coating provides no-slip grip and rugged protection. You won’t have to worry about this sleek and compact design not holding up to outdoor use. Waterproofing and fogproof lenses are icing on the cake.

Nikon is a leader in the world of cameras and optics. Their 25-year limited warranty is second to none in the optics industry. On top of that, Nikon backs up their limited warranty with a no-fault repair or replace program. If a problem occurs outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, just send it back to them and they will repair or replace the binoculars for just $10 plus shipping, even if the problem is your own fault.

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